The image shows three of the lieutenants out of the possible 5. On the left we see the giant lava rock mass which is the Flame Lord. Next is the succubus like fiend, Delphyne. Finally on the right we see the two headed ice wolf, Demonic Wolf.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenant Tier List

If you’re after a Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenant Tier List stick around! Here we have ranked each Lieutenant from the game so you know which beastly ally to partner with on your next venture through the dungeon crawler.

Dungeon Hunter 6 is the latest instalment in the Dungeon Hunter franchise. Explore dangerous labyrinths filled with loot, enemies and mystery. Choose your class and befriend powerful Lieutenants before heading into intense boss battles against fierce terrors. DH6 is the next big fantasy RPG!

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Dungeon Hunter 6 Lieutenant Tier List

Tier lists are always subjective! So the Lieutenants we recommend may not be your preferred ally. We do our best to provide the ideal tier list based on personal experience, player feedback, and other sources. But hey, if you disagree, feel free to let us know your personal ranking in the comments!


These Lieutenants are OP! They’re bulky allies with plenty of power to harness for yourself. Of course, this is also assuming their element matches up against the foe you face. That or maybe they hit hard enough that it doesn’t matter if they have the elemental advantage.

  • Flame Lord [FIRE] – This Lieutenant possesses the most territory amongst the others, and for good reason! Scorching all in its path this fire beast is insanely powerful!
  • Karleta [WATER] – Damage buffer and control.
  • Death Knight [WATER] – Damage buffer with invulnerability.
    Terrorfeind [FIRE] – Excecute and damage buff. Gains a 40% crit chance for 8 seconds too!
  • The Stonewing Gatekeeper [NATURE] – Monster for PvP and provides huge shielding!
    Winged Terror [NATURE] – Healing and damage buff! Very rounded Lieutenant.


Super strong! These Lieutenants are reliable and great to get into a partnership with. Better if you have the elemental edge, but struggle more at an elemental disadvantage.

  • Harbinger Wyvern [FIRE] – Plated in sharp spines and hot to the touch, this winged terror proves to be a great Lieutenant to recruit.
  • Demonic Wolf [WATER] – This two-headed canine is rabid for revenge. Chains that once shackled this dog show domestication attempts, though there is no trace of the human who did this.
  • Archmage Herbert [FIRE] – A-tier because he is P2W but incredible if you do sink your hands into your pockets. (Genuinely the best support in-game but incredibly expensive to star up).
  • Nora [NATURE] – Execute and damage buff.


Our average. These Lieutenants are overall decent, with enough niche uses to place them in the middle of our ranks. Don’t settle for less though, there are better options out there!

  • Ravager [WATER] – This icy-ally is definitely tough, but there is a reason this species is near-extinct. I still wouldn’t want to get on its bad side though.
  • Delphyne [FIRE] – Don’t let looks deceive you. She’s still strong, but lacks the same edge as the higher tiers. Delphyne is known to drain the life essence of the mortals she entraps with her beauty.


Heading into the weaker territory. These Lieutenants are poor performers with minimal uses as an ally. At most they could be useful if they have an elemental advantage against an opponent. Over all not too good though. Suited better early game.

  • There’s no one here!


Eeeh. We would advise you don’t recruit these Lieutenants. They aren’t strong allies and hardly benefit your team. Even in early game they don’t possess many benefits to being recruited. Maybe keep exploring and befriend a different beast.

  • There’s also no one here! At least all your Lieutenant options are well-rated.

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

We refresh these tiers as often as we can. If Dungeon Hunter 6 has an update that changes the power scale of the current Lieutenants, or adds new ones into the game, we will be sure to update this tier. So please check back!