Dungeon Hunter 6 official artwork.

Dungeon Hunter 6, The Highly-Anticipated Sequel, Launches on iOS This Weekend

More than a decade ago, Gameloft released its first hack and slash dungeon crawler RPG on mobile, and it was a hit. A steady stream of sequels arrived, concluding with Dungeon Hunter 5, which launched on March 11, 2015.

After a very long hiatus period, Goat Games has revived the classic series and will publish the sixth entry, Dungeon Hunter 6, on iOS this weekend.

What’s New in Dungeon Hunter 6?

Dungeon Hunter 6 doesn’t break the mould. It’s yet another hack and slash adventure that sees you explore uncharted lands, reunite with iconic characters, and gear up with a wide variety of new weapons and armour.

How Does the Gameplay Work?

There is a new campaign mode to battle through as you explore Valenthia. The story sees you solve the mysteries of the Forbidden Towers and, ultimately, save the Realm.

There are five classes to pick from, including: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, and the Boon Sister. You can gear up, customise your heroes visually, and upgrade their skill trees to increase their power.

There’s also a wide variety of powerful lieutenants to recruit, which range from simple monsters to Legendary Heroes of the Past. Effectively, it’s a pet system that allows you to bring a hero with you into battle.

The guild feature is also available at launch, allowing you to collaborate with your friends to defeat formidable foes. With vivid locations, well-designed characters, dynamic combat effects, and stunningly upgraded visuals, the game is touted to bring a premium quality experience on iOS.

When Does Dungeon Hunter 6 Release?

Goat Games officially announced Dungeon Hunter 6 back in May, following up with an official release date during Gamescom back in August. For those unaware, that’s Saturday, October 13, so your wait is coming to an end.

The minimum software requirements is iOS 11.0 or above to run the game. The same is applicable for iPad and macOS too. The app download size is ~2GB and the game requires additional content to download after the initial launch.

Are There In-App Purchases?

Of course, it is a free to play game after all. Looking at the App Store, IAPs range from $4.99 to $49.99 for various Emerald packs. There’s also a permanent supreme card pack that comes with a $47.99 pricetag.

When Can I Download It?

The game launches on October 13, and you can pre-order it now on the App Store. This will trigger a notification when it is available to download.