Dungeons & Butter Goblins Kickstarter Wants You To Help Shape the Game

Do you remember the dungeon crawler RPGs that used to be common place back in the day on PC platforms, with games such as Eye of the Beholder or the Dungeon Master series?

Apparently Trippin’ Software remembers and are poised to bring you a nostalgic old school gaming romp with their planned Dungeons & Butter Goblins, with which they also planning to make as many nostalgic references and puns as possible. According to them the game’s core engine – filled with dungeon exploring and random combat – has already been hammered out, but they are now holding a Kickstarter to give the fans a chance to help shape the game’s wild content. Those who donate will have a chance to help create monsters, weapons, allies, random plot twists, henchmen, mentor figures, evil overlords, and various other additions to the game’s world.

Well, it currently seems that their Kickstarter could currently use a bit of help as it so far only has six dollars raised with almost a third of the campaigns running time so far spent (even though Kickstarter has been great for indie developers, it has always been a popularity contest that favors the more well known).

If everyone pulls together the game can not only happen, for it has a modest goal set for bringing in a realistically obtainable $2500, but it will also create an iOS RPG for the people that was partially designed by the people as well. Not only will backing Dungeons & Butter Goblins give you a chance to help shape the future of this game, and furthermore give the developers the funds they need to finish this title, but every supporter will also get a complimentary copy of the game once it has finished.

If the project succeeds, Trippin’ Software expects to have Dungeons & Butter Goblins – complete with all the wild suggestions of everyone who supported the Kickstarter – in the hands of all their backers sometime around February 2013.