Featured Image for Dungeons of Aether. It featured the four heroes fighting monsters and enemies in the dungeons. It also has the fiery logo on the top right.

Crawl Your Way Into The Dungeons of Aether, A New Game on iOS

Crawl and fight enemies in the new dungeon crawler, Dungeons of Aether. The turn-based strategy game is now out on iOS and Android, although it has been available on PC and Switch since 2022. Keep reading to learn more about the game!

Fight Your Way Through Dungeons

The game is a sequel to Rivals of Aether and has a unique dice drafting system that makes the combat exciting. Dungeons of Aether lets you explore the caverns below the retro-futuristic land of Julesvale. You have a squad of four heroes: Fleet, Slade, Hamir, and Artemis with different skills and personalities.

The game has two modes Story and Challenge Dungeons. The first one lets you crawl the dungeons in the Dungeon Biome and face various challenges. The latter is more procedural and roguelike with dungeons being thrown on your way on a whim.

Throw the Dice!

The coolest part about the game is its dice system. And here’s how it works! There will be four stats for each battle: attack, defense, speed, and accuracy. At the beginning of each turn, there will be six different coloured dice with values corresponding to the stats. So, you draft the dice against the enemy until you’re done with all of them.

Oh, and you can also collect Journal Entries to discover the town’s past secrets and customise your dice pool as you want! Priced at $4.99, Dungeons of Aether is worth checking out. So, head to the App Store and try the game out for yourself.

The lore, visuals, and music of the game are quite impressive. However, it has certain buzzkills too, like a lack in progression and a progress reset on death (ah!). But all things considered, it’s a good challenging dungeon crawler with roguelike vibes. Oh, and don’t miss out on our story on the upcoming Pokemon Go Community Day!