‘Dungeons of Chaos’ Expansion Successfully Kickstarted

For those of you old enough to remember running ancient computer RPGs, such as Richard Garriott’s renown Ultima series, it’s rather likely you found the 2014 debut of Dungeons of Chaos to be most welcome. However, whether or not you’ve yet tried Volker Elzner’s app — which is filled to the brim with top-down turn-based tactical-combat — things are soon about to get much better, all thanks to many Kickstarter backers. Recently more than 100 generous backers provided Mr. Elzner with over $4,000 (AUD), an amount he’ll now be using to update Dungeons of Chaos with additional areas and monsters — a third story chapter — alongside a variety of other new game-play mechanics!

Currently Volker Elzner doesn’t plan for his new content-filled expansion to be ready until sometime around March 2017, but Dungeons of Chaos’s base game — which contains nary an IAP whatsoever — will continue to remain available until then. Although it’s currently presumed that these upcoming changes will all be added free-of-charge, those interested should remember that Dungeons of Chaos is rather resource intensive. While the game might seem as though it’d likely run on nearly anything — when judged by the screenshots — Volker Elzner has openly warned those with older-devices, instead recommending his app for: the iPhone 5S, the iPad Air 1, the iPad 3, or something better.