Dischan Seeking Funding to Help Finish the ‘Dysfunctional Systems’ Series of Visual Novels


There’s a decent chance that you’ve already heard of Dysfunctional Systems, the critically acclaimed indie Visual Novel that has already been played by many on both mobile devices and PCs. In the game — for those whom aren’t aware — players take control of a “Mediator” named Winter Harrison, a girl from a Utopian land whose job is to travel to worlds racked with strife in an attempt to return them to a state of order. The first chapter’s conclusion left many people desiring to go on more adventures, and the people over at Dischan Media — whom also created Jupiter’s Knot are now ready to do just that.

1bf3df6b30745e955d80f654f73dd4a2_largeTherefore — in order to send Winter Harrison on even more world spanning adventures — the game’s creators have launched a Kickstarter aiming to raise $49,000 (CAD), so that they can afford to produce the series’ next two episodes. As proof positive of Dysfunctional Systems’ already existent popularity, a grand total of $20,000 has already been pledged in just the fundraiser’s first seven days. However — with an entire 23 days still remaining — there’s still time to not only make sure that the project gets funded, but to also squash any stretch goals that Dischan Media might announce along the way.

Those on the fence about whether or not this series would be of interest to them might wish to decide if they like Dischan Media’s storytelling style by checking out Jupiter’s Knot, which is available on the iTunes Marketplace completely for free and sans IAPs. For those whom have determined that Dysfunctional Systems does indeed interest them, or perhaps were already a fan of the first episode, they can currently secure a PC copy of chapter two for just $10. Meanwhile, people whom donate even more generously to the project can receive rewards such as: all three episodes in the series, digital downloads of the complete soundtrack, art books, custom USB drives, signed posters, and much more.

Mobile gamers whom are now planning on taking another trip with Winter Harrison, bringing order to even more chaos wracked worlds, should be sure to keep in mind that the Kickstarter for Dysfunctional Systems has been set to close on March 24th.