Dystopian Action Platformer Ministry of Broadcast Launching Next Week

Ministry of Broadcast has been out on various platforms since the start of the year. And next week it’s finally going to turn up on the App Store. Fans of dystopian retro platformers rejoice!

The game sees you playing a contestant in a game show. The prize? Passage across the wall that’s bisected the city you live in and cut you off from your family. Inevitably things aren’t all they seem and you’ll discover some dark secrets as you play.

That play takes its cues from the likes of the original Prince of Persia and Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus. So expect tough platforming sections and head-scratching puzzles as you explore the divided world of the game.

We’ve embedded a trailer for the Switch version of the game below so you can get some idea of what to expect when the games launches for iPhone and iPad next week.

Looks pretty awesome, right? Along with the gorgeous art-style, the game features an intuitive UI that blends hints and clues into the environment. Throw in plenty of gloomy jokes and we reckon we’re all on to a winner.

Ministry of Broadcast is set to launch for iPhone and iPad on September 25th. Click here and you can pre-order the game from the App Store. The first chunk of the game is free and there’s a $6.99 IAP to unlock the rest.

Have you already played the home versions of Ministry of Broadcast? Been waiting for the mobile release? Let us know how excited you are in the comments at the bottom of this paragraph.