Dystopian Twin-Stick Blaster Jydge is Cheap Right Now

Jydge is one of those games you’re going to love to hate. It’s super tough, but engaging enough that you’re going to keep jumping back into the action. And there’s a lot of action. If you’ve been on the fence about the game, there’s never been a better time to get it, either. Cos it’s super cheap right now.

The game sees you stomping through the streets of a crime-riddled metropolis blasting everything that moves. You can customize your loadout, choose your companions and enter each challenge in one of about a billion different combinations.

The shooting is super slick, the game looks lovely, and the compulsion loop gets tighter and tighter every time you fail to clean up the dirty city. Throw in a cyberpunk shimmer and you’re left with something pretty darn cool.

Don’t believe us? Well why don’t you check out the trailer we’ve embedded below and eat your words.

So if violence, stomping through walls and picking from a massive number of shooting styles is up your street, we reckon you’re going to love Jydge. Even if it does have a pretty silly name.

Click here and you can grab Jydge from the App Store right now. The game will set you back $1.99, which is a massive drop from its usual price of $8.99. What an absolute bargain.

Already played Jydge? Wanna share your experiences with the game? Well make use of the comments section just below this paragraph to do just that then. Go on, you know you want to.