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EA Games’ New Patent Might Make Game Characters Sound Just Like You

Do you love your own voice? Want a game character to sound just like you? Then, this one is definitely going to be a hit for you! Rumour has it that EA Games has patented an awesome technology that will allow you to add your voice to the game. Excited? Creeped out? Intrigued? Whatever the answer, keep reading to get the lowdown.

What’s In The Patent?

Electronic Arts or EA Games’ new patent involves technology that will generate in-game speech using a voice converter. Basically, your voice will go through a synthesizer, which will make some new acoustic features. These features will further get fed into an encoder, and voilà –  the in-game character will speak in your voice!

This one surely was on the bucket list of many developers. Also, if this becomes a reality, then it will take features like voice recognition a step further. Most horror games such as Albedo and Phasmophobia use voice recognition to make it more fun and spooky.

If this tech kicks off, it can become a real game-changer (literally)! While some gamers think that voicing the characters would be pretty cool, others are flinching at the thought of hearing their own voice. Well, it’s just in the testing stage, so we can’t predict much yet.

About EA Games

EA Games has published several popular titles like Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, and Apex Legends. Check out more games by them in the App Store. The patent was recently made public for everyone and started making rounds on social media. It was, however, submitted back in 2020. So, let’s wait and watch how this epic tech will turn out. If you’re on the lookout for new gacha games for next year, then check out this story on a new trailer released by NetEase Games.