EA is Shutting Down its Library of Tetris Games on iOS

EA has announced that it’s shutting down its library of Tetris games on iOS in April, though the exact reason is currently unclear.

That includes Tetris Blitz, Tetris Premium, and Tetris 2011 – all three of which will be taken offline on April 21,2020.

We’re Not Sure Why EA is Pulling its Tetris Games

But why? Well, EA has given no indication of the reason. It could be that a big new Tetris game is on the way, or it could simply be that EA has lost the licence.

We may never find out either, but this isn’t the end of Tetris on your phone, as a battle royale variant is due to arrive at some point.

You can also still grab Tetris Blitz, Tetris Premium, and Tetris 2011 until they shut down on April 21.