Eagerly Anticipated Action-RPG Raziel: Dungeon Arena Arrives on Mobile With Paladin Hero Giveaway

There’s no shortage of casual gaming action on the mobile app stores. Proper, polished, high quality gaming experiences are another matter. Games like Raziel: Dungeon Arena only come along once in a blue moon, so this is a banner day. 

Just check out the trailer. Watch it now – we’ll wait. 

See? Raziel: Dungeon Arena – the debut game from Indrasoft – looks like a console title, from its impressive 3D graphics right through to its musical score and professional voice-acting. 

Gameplay-wise, Raziel: Dungeon Arena is a classic dungeon-crawling ARPG in which you romp around dystopian landscapes killing everything that moves and collecting the loot left behind.

Interestingly, you can take a pair of heroes into battle and swap them in and out in real time. This allows you to combine heroes with complementary classes and skills, experimenting until you discover the perfect combo for every situation. 

This really adds an extra dimension to the combat, and you’ll need to exploit it to survive the mobs, elites, and bosses you encounter in Raziel’s 180+ levels of dungeon gameplay.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena comes with both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the solo campaign (the narrative is told via an in-game comic), you start off in the City of Being before setting out on a huge, sixty-stage journey through a world of deserts, forests, swamps, and more, all of it gorgeously rendered and dripping with detail.

Plus, there’s a survival mode for those times when you don’t feel like engaging with the story. It lets you play longer form raids and do random quests with dynamic objectives, so no two sessions will ever be the same. 

The multiplayer, meanwhile, sees you jumping into multiplayer dungeons, performing random quests with your buddies in tow, or engaging in tavern contracts to seek out and slay Raziel’s most wanted. A new game begins at Level 60, as set crafting and teamwork are needed to take down some of the bigger bosses.

For the first two weeks, every player who joins the launch gets a free paladin Bison Arlen.

To get your pally, download Raziel: Dungeon Arena right now on Android or iOS