Eagerly Awaited Beat ‘Em Up ‘Edo Superstar’ Finally Hits iOS

If you cast your mind all the way back to 2013, you may recall us covering the Kickstarter campaign for an aesthetically stunning beat-em-up/RPG hybrid called Edo Superstar here on iFanzine. The game looked and sounded right up our street with its eye-popping, Ukiyo-e inspired art style and promise of fluid and intuitive anthropomorphic animal fighting action. Suffice it to say, we were excited! But then the game missed its intended launch date (Fall 2014) and sort of slipped off our radar.

Now a couple of years later Edo Superstar has finally hit the App Store.

Set in ancient Edo-period Japan, Edo Superstar puts players in control of protagonist Masaru, a cocky young monkey who dreams of winning the prestigious Zodiac Tournament and becoming the most famous martial artist in all the land. Utilizing an intuitive gesture-based control scheme, it’s up to you to guide Masura safely through the ranks as he takes on a bevy of increasingly ferocious fighters, all while trying to stay one step ahead of his old foes, the Shiga Ninja Clan. As if an imaginative plot and stylish beat-em-up mayhem aplenty wasn’t enough, Edo Superstar also features RPG elements such as a levelling system that allows you to boost your abilities and stats and unlock special gear.

Download Edo Superstar from the App Store.