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Earth: Revival x Digimon Adventure Crossover Drops On March 7th In Japan!

Earth: Revival x Digimon Adventure is an upcoming crossover that will drop on March 7th. A survival MMO shooter and an adorable monster-hunting RPG collaborating to give us some cool action. So, are you in? Oh, but wait! The crossover is happening only in Japan as Earth: Revival is yet to go global. Nonetheless, if you’re reading this from Japan, here’s our scoop on it!

Earth: Revival x Digimon Adventure

Earth: Revival is giving away 10 event battle passes right now with the announcement of the crossover. Right before the event, Earth: Revival is popping a new ‘New World’ server on us on March 6th. This New World will bring a raised level cap, tweaked balancing and a juicy crystal rebate offer that goes up to 150%.

You can even transfer some bits from your old account, but only a third of your precious pets, for starters. So, get ready to catch the collab only in the new server. Not much info about the Earth: Revival x Digimon Adventure crossover has been shared yet. So, do keep an eye out on the official Twitter/X account of Earth.

Earth is a super authentic SF survival RPG by Nuverse. It launched in Japan on April 20, 2023. It has a huge world filled with snowy mountains, endless deserts and fishing spots. You can experience intense fights wearing cool battle suits. On that note, check out the game on the App Store.

What’s Digimon?

Short for Digital Monsters, it’s a Japanese media franchise with virtual pets, anime, games, movies and even trading cards. It was first dropped in 1997 when Akiyoshi Hongo, WiZ, Bandai and Toei Animation joined forces.

Digimon is heavily inspired by the Tamagotchi toys with an additional feature of epic monster battles. People often compare Digimon to Pokémon because of their similarities as both are about collecting and battling monsters.

That wraps up our scoop on the Earth: Revival x Digimon Adventure crossover. Meanwhile, Take A Trip To Fairyland As Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Drops A New Pack, Tell a Fairy Tale Day.