Eggtronic Wireless Power Bar Review

Occasionally we like to check out the latest iOS friendly tech on iFanzine, and this wireless power bar from Eggtronic certainly fits that bill.

Firstly it’s Apple MFi-certified. Which means it can charge up to four devices – including an iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and a MacBook.

It includes three spots for three devices to be charged side by side, wirelessly. It’s a chunky piece of kit, and worked reliably during our time with it.

We did take a little while to make sure our iPhone was in the proper place on the bar to make sure it was charging – but after some adjustment it became second nature to know where to plonk it down. 

There are also lights on the side of the bar to help show which spots are being used, if you’re still unsure whether your device is charging or not. 

It also charges all these devices quickly, even if multiple pieces of tech are being charged. The inclusion of a specialised spot for an Apple Watch is also very welcome.

Overall this is a well designed piece of kit that works well as a charging station for your bedside but also as a power bank to help keep your MacBook powered up.

The only minor downside is the pricepoint, as one of these will cost you $149.99 from the official Eggtronic site here. If you own multiple iOS devices – particularly an Apple Watch – this is likely worth the investment though.