featured image for our news on Eggy Party global launch. It features different eggies in a variety of outfits that have antennas.

Scramble Into Action As Eggy Party Global Launch Rolls Out Tomorrow!

The Eggy Party global launch is finally here! After soft launching last month in a few regions, it’s now going to be launched worldwide on February 23, 2024. Yep, that’s tomorrow! Published by NetEase Games, it’s free to play. Keep reading to learn more about this adorable party game!

In January, Eggy Party was soft launched in Mexico, Finland, Spain, Norway, Canada, Denmark and Sweden. First released in China in May 2022, it was later launched for most Southeast Asian countries in September 2023. The Eggy Party global launch tomorrow will let players in all other countries play the game. 

All Types Of Eggies!

In Eggy Party, you play mini-games against others, trying to be the last one standing. You play as these little characters called Eggies on a place called Eggy Island. You can hang out with pals, play games, and even make and share your own levels in the Eggy Workshop.

With the global release, a seasonal event called Stellar Encounter is going down. Stellar Encounter will add new levels, costumes for your Eggies, a contest for making maps and an event with Beanie’s Daily. On that note, catch a glimpse of all the eggy fun below!

Will You Try It Out?

The Eggy Party global launch means that you have another addition to your list of party games now. The game lets you flex your creative muscles by dressing up your egg characters in all sorts of funky outfits, hats and accessories. They also keep adding new outfits and accessories, so do keep an eye out for that!

Each level you hop into has a bunch of interactive actions. The game also offers power-ups, which are little treasures scattered around. Grab one and get a leg up or toss a curveball at the other players! If all these sounds fun, then grab the game from the App Store now.

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