Featured Image for our news on Eggy Party. It features the eggies from the game in different colours. In the background, there is a big spiral from which the eggies can be seen coming out.

Have Eggcellent Fun As Eggy Party Soft Launches In More Regions

Eggy Party, the adorable casual party multiplayer by NetEase Games, is now available in a bunch of new countries. The soft launch also coincides with the Outta This World event. Follow along as we give you a quick lowdown of the game, the event and the countries it’s now available in.

Which Countries Can Play It Now?

Eggy Party will now be available in seven new countries including Mexico, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Norway, and Sweden. The NetEase title was first released in China in May 2022. Later, Eggy Party was launched for most Southeast Asian countries in September 2023.

Following its release, it has mostly garnered positive reviews from gamers owing to its cute characters, light cultivation system and Fall Guys similarity. For the newbies, English and Spanish language options are also available now. If you don’t have the game yet, grab it from the App Store. Also, catch a glimpse of Eggy Party below!

A Season Outta This World

The season is on until February 23, 2024, with loads of sci-fi goodies up for grabs. You’ll get eight new stages, like Hunting Practice, Space Station Escape, Volcano Eruption, Save the Little Dino, Lunar Adventure, Beware of T-Rex and Ring Track. And don’t forget the Season Mystery Box with exclusive gear like Lycra, the Astronaut, Vidi, the Mechanic, Bay, the Space Captain, and more.

Still looking for more fun? Get a Party Pass, unlock tons of minigames and score outfits like Blast, the Dean of Corn, Bert, the Inventor, Dumber, the Rookie and Crunchy, the Radish Gardener. Don’t worry about it because the Party Pass is worth every dime! Any leftover experience from the last Party Pass turns into Fashion Badges during the server maintenance.

For the ultimate challenge, there’s the Outta This World Seasonal Ranked Party. Complete those Egg Rank Tasks and score exclusive gear like the Marathon Outfit and Studded Bag. And extra luck, if you’re in the newly added countries as the Eggy Party x Bubble Eggs crossover is making a comeback. In the crossover, Bubble Eggs are hitting Eggy Island, and you can snag the Rainbow Bubble Egg outfit at a 20% discount.

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