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Elemental Dungeons Tier List – Elements Ranked (September 2023)

Starting out in Elemental Dungeons? This Elemental Dungeons tier list ranks all of the playable elements from best to worst!

Elemental Dungeons is a Roblox experience that focuses on battling against powerful bosses, collecting loot, and exploring a wide variety of dungeons. Wield elemental abilities as you obtain element orbs that grant you brand-new powers, and complete tons of exciting quests.

If you’re looking for more information about Elemental Dungeons, visit the game’s official Roblox page.

Elemental Dungeons Tier List

Please keep in mind that all tier lists are entirely subjective, however, we do conduct research into what other players think about each element, as well as utilising our own experience in the game.

  • S Tier: Angel, Dragon, Reaper, Ice
  • A Tier: Galaxy, Lightning, Water
  • B Tier: Fire
  • C Tier: Earth, Wind
  • D Tier: Check back soon!

Elemental Dungeons Elements List

  • Angel
  • Reaper
  • Lightning
  • Galaxy
  • Dragon
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Earth

Behind Each Tier

Now that you know where we’ve ranked each element, how did we decide where to place them?

S Tier

The strongest elements to utilise in the game, so make sure to obtain one of these elemental powers as soon as possible!

A Tier

If you don’t have an S-tier element, it’s best to use one of these ones instead! They’re just as powerful, but admittedly, they are lacking a little something when compared to an S-tier.

B Tier

Average elements that aren’t the strongest, but they can be wielding until you obtain an element in A-tier or S-tier.

C Tier

Less than average and should definitely be replaced when you obtain a B-tier element or higher.

D Tier

These elements are incredibly weak and will make combat extremely difficult.

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