Emilly in Darkness Review

Emilly in Darkness (out now, $0.99) by ME2 Studio is an action-adventure game that takes place, as the title suggests, in a world of mostly black and white. When the game loads, you’re asked to either play in darkness or adjust the brightness of your screen, following which you’re left to fend for yourself in the gloom.

Emilly4The game begins with Emilly in a dusky forest. After she is shot in the head by an assassin, she arrives in a shadowy realm that straddles life and death. Emilly has to find her way through a maze scattered with deadly traps and ghouls that will feed on her if given the chance. Of course, since she has already lost her life, she’ll get resurrected at the last checkpoint if she dies. Sometimes she meets others like her, and from them she slowly learns more about this mysterious world.

You’ll control Emilly’s movements with a virtual joystick and attack enemies by tapping two buttons labeled A and B. Instead of bullets, you’ll be shooting demons and ghouls with Emilly’s blood and gaining experience points while you’re at it. Since her blood is limited in supply you’ll want to be careful with how you use it, though it regenerates over time. You can also occasionally find packets of blood. Later, Emilly will learn new skills, such as to lay traps in the form of magic symbols. Aside from staying alive, your goal is get past various locked doors, so you’ll have to search for the key to let you through.

Emilly in Darkness may be hard on the eyes, but the blackness and stylistic graphics all add to the atmosphere. Despite your ability to down demons, this is not so much an action game than an adventure with a mysterious story to draw you in.

iFanzine Verdict: Emilly in Darkness will appeal to those who enjoy an adventure story filled with intrigue and mystery. If you’re more keen on fast-paced action, this may not be the perfect game for you, though you can ramp up the difficulty level if you wish.