Featured Image for our news on Endless Wander: Roguelike Rpg. It features three characters from the game holding a variety of weapons.

Endless Wander: Roguelike RPG Is A New Dawncaster: Deckbuilding RPG-Like Game

A new Roguelike RPG? Count me in! Endless Wander: Roguelike RPG has dropped today on iOS and it’s full of action blended with fun. It’s free to play and already ranks at #67 in the App Store. Developed by Indie developers, First Pick Studios, it has cool pixel-style art that will give you major Hyper Light Drifter vibes.

Wander Endlessly

It’s a relentless journey through violent, real-time battles that demand your skill and strategy. Multiple possibilities await as you combat with various weapon skills and magical runes, creating a character build that suits your playstyle. After crossing each level, unlock elemental runes and weapon talents to expand your arsenal.

A slick Multi-Instance feature lets you play the same game from different accounts simultaneously. So, collect resources and build a kingdom wherever you want, literally! The game’s colourful pixelated world is a delight, along with its original score. On that note, why don’t you catch a glimpse of Endless Wander: Roguelike RPG here?

It’s Cool!

Endless Wander: Roguelike RPG is about a mysterious portal which was closed for years. Unfortunately, your sister was locked inside years ago. The portal has now reopened and it’s your chance to save her and restore the Guild of Wanderers, too.

You get two buttons to work with: one for dashing and the other for attacking. The attack button gives you three attack options, each tied to a rune slot. When you clear a room, you get a random attack or rune as a reward. After finishing a run, you’ll encounter a gacha system. Before starting a new round, you can gear up to make things more interesting.

Sounds fun? Then, go ahead, download the game from the App Store and try it out! You can also play Endless Wander: Roguelike RPG offline as well.

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