Epic Brawler Shadow Fight Arena Out Now Worldwide

Looking to take out some aggression on your phone? Well you’re in luck, because punchy-kicky-slashy fighting game Shadow Fight Arena from Nekki has just launched worldwide. The gorgeous-looking game is available on the App Store right now.

Shadow Fight Arena sees you building a team of three scrappers and taking them online to duke it out against other players. Different characters, as you might expect, have different fighting styles.

A lot of that is based on the weapons they wield. Some have short swords perfect for quick, close-up attacks. Others have massive choppers that are super slow but deal massive damage. Figuring out how each fighter works is the key to success.

We mentioned how good looking the game is, right? Honestly, it’s one of the best looking games we’ve seen on mobile. The animation really has to be seen to be believed. This is AAA quality in the palm of your hand.

The timing of the fights takes a little bit of getting used to if you’re more used to faster scrappers. Attacks are measured and precise, and you need to wait for your moment to strike rather than just mashing buttons and hoping for the best.

And you can grab all of this for free. Click here to download Shadow Fight Arena from the App Store right this second. Give it a go and we reckon you’re definitely going to find a lot to love.

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