Epic Odyssey Mixes Up the Strategy RPG Genre with Idle Progress, Open World Gameplay, and More

We’ve played a lot of gacha RPGs over the last few years. Really a lot. That means we’re more than ready for a bit of variety and innovation.

In other words, we’re ready for Epic Odyssey, from Vietnamese studio Hiker Games. This huge, gorgeous, and unique take on the gacha RPG looks set to breathe new life into the genre, thanks in part to a colorful art-style and an emphasis on open world exploration.

Combat-wise, Epic Odyssey offers up fairly familiar combat in which you go head to head with enemies in 5v5 battles. Heroes come in three different factions and three different classes, and they all have their own unique personalities, backstories, and skills. 

You add new heroes to your roster through gacha summoning. You can mash duplicates together to upgrade them, sacrifice low tier heroes to level-up high tier ones, upgrade your skills, customise your equipment, and so on. 

That’s the standard gacha stuff. More interesting is the exploration. Epic Odyssey takes place in Lynea Continent across a vast world map sliced up into thirty kingdoms. This world is populated by NPCs to chat to, quests to take on, chests to open, puzzles to solve, and much more.

You move around this world in classic isometric action-RPG style, encountering mythic beings, ancient treasures, and dozens of unique NPC backstories. You can spend hours just wandering around soaking it all in.

Or you can put your phone down and let the game’s idle features make progress in your absence. Another thing we like about Epic Odyssey is the fact that it largely removes the need to grind, leaving you to concentrate on the fun stuff. 

Epic Odyssey looks like it could well be a highlight in a crowded genre. To see for yourself, download it for free right now on Google Play or the App Store. Redeem the code ODYSSEY to nab in-game items too.