Help Kickstart ‘Epilepsy Quest 2′, Another Installment of Epically Mind-Blasting Arcade Fun


Are you a fan of video games featuring high-octane twitch-based experiences, stripped of all pomp and circumstance, in order to deliver you fast-paced action in its purest unadulterated form? Then the people over at Armogaste — whom previously released Epilepsy Quest, or Hypno Quest as iOS users know it — are currently working on the mind-bending game that you’ve long been craving! Unlike most other Rhythm Games — where players are challenged to memorize complex sequences — your greatest enemy in Epilepsy Quest 2 will not be your ability to remember things, but the playing field itself.

d3c6fb8b2b25e22e7eb1b0701ad1add7_originalEach level here is deliberately designed as a tour-de-force assault upon your optic nerves, seeing if you can quickly identify where buttons appear — determining both how they’re destroyed, or even if they’re bad to touch — and then quickly eradicate them for points. Furthermore — keeping with the theme that you’re exploring the mind itself — each of these senses-smashing levels will follow a theme in both visuals and audio: Masochism, Nightmares, Hallucination, Hypnosis, Anatidaephobia, Epileptic Flashes, and more! Whereas — for instance — the Masochism level will aim to be increasingly painful to stare at the longer it marches forward, the music in the game’s Nightmare level will deliberately run through a series of unsettling horror soundtrack clichés.

However — in order to pay their musician: Julien Dupontroue — the group decided to approach Kickstarter with a request for €2,000, of which nearly €1,000 has so far been secured. Although this goal — with an entire fifteen days remaining — is certainly still achievable, that will only occur if people get the news out regarding this French-made Rhythm Game featuring a non-stop visual onslaught. Currently a donation of just €1 is all that’s needed to secure your very own mobile copy of Epilepsy Quest 2, with those paying more than that being mentioned in the game’s credits and receiving Beta access.

In closing, those now intrigued by Armogaste’s mind-blasting vision need to be sure that their donations are properly chipped in before June 26th arrives in order for Epilepsy Quest 2 to crank the mind-paralyzing seizures up to eleven!