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Era of Althea Snap Tier List – All Snaps Ranked

If you’ve been looking for Era of Althea Snap Tier List, then your search ends here. One of the most popular action RPG titles, Era of Althea, has been topping the charts on the Roblox platform since its inception. The game features a wide range of magic styles called snaps.

However, not all the snaps are adequate, which is why you should spin for the strongest ones in the beginning. If you’re new to the game, you may have a hard time figuring out the best Era of Althea snaps. With that in mind, we have prepared the Era of Althea Snap Tier List, ranking all the snaps from best to worst.

Era of Althea Snap Tier List (2023)

There are over 12 snaps in the Roblox Era of Althea to choose from at the time of writing this article. So there’s no shortage of units for your dream team. It’s worth noting that the list of snaps is expected to evolve with the release of new updates,

The tier list we’ve prepared above is classified into the following five divisions:

S Tier

These are the most powerful and beloved snaps of the game. Highly advise pulling these snaps as they boast the best abilities, strengths, and skills in the game.

  • Spatial (0.01%)
  • Time (0.3%)
  • Demon (0.7%)

A Tier List

They are usually the powerful snaps in the game, which can easily outperform many other units. However, they are not suitable as S-tier snaps in terms of overall skills.

  • Heavenly Body (1%)
  • Compose (1%)

B Tier

They are regarded as the “above average” snaps who often support the team and watch their back.

  • Frost (5%)
  • Explosion (5%)
  • Light (15%)

C Tier List

They are snaps with a serious lack of skills and abilities and can’t compete with most units.

  • Dark (75%)
  • Fire (75%)
  • Wind (75%)
  • Water (75%)

D Tier

These are the worst units of the game and the ones you should avoid picking up. These snaps are incapable of performing well on the field.

  • None

The percentage listed along with the snap name represents the odds of them joining up.

Era of Althea Snap Spinning Guide

Performing a spin in Era of Althea is fairly easy. Here are the steps for the same:

  1. Launch the game on your system.
  2. Open up the in-game menu by pressing M.
  3. Select the Shopping Cart option from the wheel to enter the Shop.
  4. You can then select the spin options in the Shop menu.
  5. Hit either the Purchase Spins or Spin button for each of them.

We recommend spinning S-tier snaps for a solid start. They are the best snaps in the game and significantly increase your winning odds. To get spins, you can purchase them with Robux or redeem Era of Althea codes released by developed frequently.

It’s worth noting that you can’t reverse the process once you spin in the Era of Althea. On top of that, each trait has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore a snap of C-tier has the potential to outperform an S-tier one if paired with a great build.

About The Game

Fight to become the lizard king in this anime inspired Roblox game. Explore the expansive world, and choose between the path of good and evil. Will you aspire to save the world and protect it? Or will you aim to control it?

That concludes our comprehensive guide for the Era of Althea Tier List & Spin process. Make sure you check out other guides and walkthroughs for other games at iFanZine.