Eroica APK Download & Discord Link

If you’ve been looking for Eroica APK and Discord link, then your search ends here. It is one of the latest RPG titles that features a breathtaking SF + Fantasy story through a large-scale playfield. Similar to other games, you can sideload the game via its APK file and find its community on the Discord.

If you’ve been facing any errors while downloading Eroica from Google Play Store, then you should consider installing it manually. On top of that, if you have any queries regarding the game, then you should hop into Eroica’s Discord server and communicate with mods and other players for a resolution. With that in mind, we have provided you with Eroica APK Download & Discord Link.

Eroica APK Download Link For Android

Eroica APK Download Link For Android
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The Eroica APK file size weighs around 1.04GB. Thus make sure that your device has enough storage space to accommodate it.

  1. Download the Eroica APK file from the above link.
  2. Open file manager on your phone and click on Downloaded Files.
  3. Allow installation of unknown sources if you haven’t enabled it yet, by navigating to Settings > Safety, and then Privacy > Install Apps From Unknown Sources.
  4. Once the APK is installed, open the Eroica application.
  5. Log in to the guest account and enjoy the beta version.

Note: In the case of the “Problem parsing the package” error, try downloading the files again.

How to Join Eroica Discord Server?

Joining a Discord server is relatively easy. Here is the complete set of instructions for the same:


  • Open the Discord desktop app or go to the website on your computer.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the server list on the left side of the interface,
  • Click Add a Server.
  • In the Create a server box, click Join a Server.
  • Paste the server link in the INVITE LINK field, then click Join Server.


Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS device, then scroll to the bottom of your server list. Press the Add a Server button and then Join a friend on Discord. Paste the server invite link in the Invite link field, then press Join Server.

If you still have any questions regarding the Eroica APK Download & Discord Link, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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Eroica is one of the latest Role Playing games currently available on Android, and iOS.