Featured Image for our news on Erioca shutting down. It features some of the characters of the game like B-tiered Florence and others.

Another Eden Style Game Eroica Ending Services Soon

Another gacha is reaching its final summon with the Eroica ending services announcement. This E7 meets Another Eden JRPG, is wrapping things up! The publishers of Eroica released an official end-of-service termination notice today. Launched in April 2022, it’s an F2P that revolves around Sei and his adventures. Why is it shutting down? Keep reading!

Eroica Ending Services

The in-game store is closing on November 23 while the services are ending altogether on December 22. The game has over 50 anime characters, an expansive map, and wicked monsters. You get to explore the map by riding on the Arkham train and engaging in strategic turn-based battles.

The storyline has cruised through five chapters so far. Many new characters and systems were in the works and the sixth chapter was just a couple of months away. However, everything has come to a standstill for now.

The Downfall of Eroica

In the notice, the team acknowledged grappling with the challenges of maintenance costs exceeding revenue. Turns out, Eroica is also having trouble keeping up with development. Frankly, the game is pretty laggy most of the time. Although a decent collectible RPG, the content lacks appeal. A bunch of characters could have been better developed for a more engaging gameplay.

Players also have a bit of a struggle getting the materials to uncap units, mainly from gacha pulls and other stuff. Uncapping SSR units after the first few also turns into a real challenge sometimes. Most Eroica players liked the game, despite these hiccups. Even on the App Store, it boasts of good reviews with a 4.8-star rating. With 30 days remaining, you can try the game from the App Store if you want.

What’s done is done! Let’s just wish they learn from their mistakes and make a better game the next time. Whilst we are saying goodbye, check out this news on another RPG Crash Fever which also had an EoS global announcement recently.