Ayopa Announce Massive Update and Free Promotion for Escape from Age of Monsters!

If for whatever reason, you’ve been on the fence about picking up Massive Joe Studios and Ayopa Games’ gorgeous endless runner Escape from Age of Monsters, here are two fantastic reasons to skedaddle on over to the App Store and nab it this coming Thursday, the 31st: 1) the game’s getting an absolutely massive update that will add a plethora of new goodies and fan-requested features (see below for more details) and 2) it’s going free!

Just some highlights of the update include: tons of additional ‘flyby’ items, boosts and powerups such as ‘Headstarts’ and ‘Double Turbo’ and ‘Turbo Heaven’; extra lives (the baby monsters have defected! Now you can get a baby Yeti or Alien as an extra life and have up to six lives!); brand new buildings for you to jump between, and tweaked punching and swiping sensitivity (which will hopefully address one of the main issues we had with the game when we reviewed it).

Ayopa aren’t about to forget about the early adopters that helped make Escape a success either, and to coincide with the update and free promotion today announced that they will be awarding existing players with “over 20,000 coins worth of in-game boosts and powerups, including bonus lives, all new flyby items already unlocked, and some new player-activated powerups already in their stash” — that amounts to roughly $5 of IAP that they’re gifting existing players. Niiice!