Escape the Ice Age in the ‘Flappy Bird’-Esque ‘Bouncing Bronto’

Valerie and Anthony — two game programmers living in Singapore — recently teamed up together to design a game starring a Brontosaurus attempting to escape from the Ice Age, even if such a creature never technically existed. Referring to their team-up as Valiant Ventures, the duo recently released an early preview of their project — entitled Bouncing Bronto — which you can currently download for free. In it mobile gamers are tasked with skillfully bouncing their Brontosaurus along — both avoiding dangerous snowballs, as well as chowing down on yummy plants — all in the pursuit of the highest scores ever.

Players control this by simply tapping the screen — which in turn activates your purple brontosaurus’s amazing ability to perform endless mid-air jumps — with failure happening whenever you hit the floor, the ceiling, or any of the game’s many flying snowballs. While successfully chowing down on plants will increase the number of years until the fictional Brontosaurus is finally extinct, accidentally eating a mushroom will make him inadvertently swell up (making avoiding snowballs that much more harrowing). Although a simplistic premise, to be sure, the game mechanics — whose style will certainly remind some of the infamous Flappy Bird — have a certain addictive quality that can’t be ignored.

However — in hopes of pushing the game further, with both new features and also an online high score list — Valerie and Anthony have recently went to Kickstarter seeking $5,000 (AUD) in development funds. So far nearly $3,000 of this has already been raised, which — coupled with the fact that 16 days are also still remaining – means that things are currently looking good for the poor Brontosaurus’s chances for survival. Furthermore, those whom donate to Valiant Venture’s cause can secure a free copy of the company’s upcoming next title: a World Cup themed game featuring their Bronto as a soccer goalie.

In conclusion, anyone enjoying Bouncing Bronto’s currently free demo — and are furthermore interested in seeing just how far Valiant Venture’s duo can take their project — should remember to chip in their donations by June 26th.