Esoteric First Person Runner Fotonica Currently 50% Off

Fotonica is a game that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever played. It’s a super fast twitchy runner that sees you sprinting at nosebleed speeds through a framework world, doing your best not to smash into anything. And right now it’s dirt cheap on the App Store.

Imagine performing parkour through the set of an 80s movie about a world that exists in the interior of a computer and you’re about halfway there. It’s a super fun arcade blast that’s going to leave you jittering from tension in the finest ways.

Really, it’s the sort of game that’s best explained visually. So let’s all take a breath and then watch the trailer that we’ve embedded below. It’s good for what ails you. If what ails you is the fact you haven’t seen a trailer for Fotonica.

Looks pretty good, right? This is a sharp and engaging experience that’s going to stick in your mind long after you’ve put it down for the evening. You’re going to end up dreaming in frantic white lines.

Click here and you can pick up Fotonica for just 99c from the App Store. That’s a super good deal – if you haven’t played Fotonica yet, you really don’t have an excuse anymore.