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Eternal Evolution Tier List (2023) – Best Characters Ranked

Knowing what characters to use can be a daunting task when the game has a selection such as Eternal Evolution. Luckily for you, we’ve created an Eternal Evolution tier list, ranking all of the characters from S-tier to D-tier. It should be noted that while this is how we would personally rank the characters, it is not a definitive tier list. In fact, all tier lists are subjective, so don’t let this guide put you off your preferences if it ends up contradicting them. We recommend that you merely consider them.

Eternal Evolution Tier List (2023)

We’ll now move on to the tier list…

S-Tier: Bohr, Rez, Zander, Crete, Khalazza, Nadilus, Hercules, Oak, Emma, Masrani, Bailey Hudson, Luke
A-Tier: Kain Karak, Muka, Taylor, Serena, Liran, Randall, Zaida, Poluno, Azena, Moriami, Sorietta, Rakkana
B-Tier: Artas, Prigor, Hyupnos, Aniruddha, Bot Mark II
C-Tier: Oisa, Murphyro, Orn, Shenwei, Kar’Maw 
D-Tier: Kuite, Omar, Langel

Character List

  • Aniruddha
  • Artas
  • Azena
  • Bailey Hudson
  • Bohr
  • Bot Mark II
  • Crete
  • Emma
  • Hercules
  • Hyupnos
  • Kain Karak
  • Kar’Maw
  • Khalazza
  • Kuite
  • Langel
  • Liran
  • Luke
  • Masrani
  • Moriami
  • Muka
  • Murphyro
  • Nadilus
  • Oak
  • Oisa
  • Omar
  • Orn
  • Poluno
  • Prigor
  • Rakkana
  • Randall
  • Rez
  • Serena
  • Shenwei
  • Sorietta
  • Taylor
  • Zaida
  • Zander

Tier Lists Explained

Here’s some information explaining our ranking system, just incase you were wondering.


This is the best tier, meaning that every character that lies outside of it will be bested by whatever remains within. Normally, rare characters will be found in this tier, as characters found in A-tier are already pretty decent.


As stated before, characters found in A-tier are still phenomenal, and every character below this rank will be destroyed by them.


Now we’re entering medium-rated territory. While they’re not the best, characters found in B-tier are still good, as they outrank all of C-tier and D-tier. What holds them back is that they’ll get crushed by every other character above and beyond.


It’s highly recommended that you move on from C-Tier characters as soon as possible. They’re not going to last, and only good when you’ve got nothing else. At best, they’re average.


Don’t even bother using these characters. Avoid them like the plague unless you can’t find anything to fill the gap in your team.

About The Game

Eternal Evolution is a team building idle RPG set in a universe that can only be described as a cross between fantasy and sci-fi. The game pits your customised team against others in arenas. The game has had over 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and was released in 2022, receiving it’s latest update on November 8.

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