Eve: Echoes is Available Now

Eve: Echoes is an upcoming mobile version of the classic PC MMO Eve Online, and it’s just launched in beta on iOS.

It’s not the exact same game as the original ported to mobile like Old School RuneScape. Instead, this is a brand new game inspired by the classic.

Eve: Echoes is a Mobile Remake of the Classic PC MMORPG

You’ll participate in ship-based combat, trade between players, explore the universe, and more. Basically, you can do anything you want so long as the game allows it.

You can set up a guild and participate in large-scale PvP or set up a trading empire. Or, you can simply explore together – it’s entirely up to you.

Either way, we recommend checking out Eve: Echoes right now by grabbing it from the App Store via TestFlight. If you’re a fan of MMOs, you can’t go wrong.