Eversoul First Anniversary

Eversoul First Anniversary Celebration Starts Today!

Kakao Games is gearing up for a major update to celebrate Eversoul First Anniversary on January 4. It’s going to be a month-long celebration in the world of Eden with events, banners, freebies and permanent game modes.

Eversoul First Anniversary

The First Year Anniversary Special Attendance Check event runs from January 5 to February 1. Log in for seven consecutive days and snag freebies, including characters like Aki, Honglan, Mephistopheles, and a new Soul, Eve. Starting today, the Free 100 Times Summoning event lets you enjoy a free 10-time summon daily for 10 days at the Normal Summon. It’s almost too good to be true, right?

Remember the Eden’s Got Talent contest held on June 22, 2023? If you don’t let me remind you that the winners of EGT were Aki, Honglan, and Mephistopheles. Grab special costumes for them by watching the second 2023 Eden’s Got Talent episode on the Archive or event page. A special music video featuring Aki, the winner, is also out.

The Bingo event runs from January 4 to February 1, letting you snag goodies such as Idle Gold, Idle Mana Dust, Soul’s Memory Rare, Everstone and a bunch of summon tickets. Also, grab the chance to get exclusive first-anniversary items, including souvenirs, stickers, frames and Eden furniture.

Chloe’s Strange Dream will make a return with the event shop open until January 25. Participate in Chloe’s Strange Dream and get up to 12,000 Everstone and 10 Normal Summon Tickets. Chloe and Naiah’s Pick-Up summon event runs until January 18. Corrupted Chloe is an event raid that lets you challenge the raid boss and earn more goodies like Gold Dream Pouches.

What Else Is New This New Year?

Apart from the Eversoul First Anniversary and New Year’s events, there’s some cool new stuff, like the Battlefront 26th Area called Entrance of Lumen Castle and the permanent Tower of Origin game mode. Once you’ve cleared Battlefront 8-35, you can snag Tower of Origin for Ascalon (Adrianne) and Hand of Midas (Jade).

Don’t miss the Everstone Shop – it’s only open until January 11. Plus, between January 4 and February 1, souls in the lobby will drop some special voice lines. With all these goodies, you’d regret not diving in. So, why not grab the game from the App Store? Also, check out our latest scoop on Magikarp And Gyarados Set To Join Pokémon UNITE This January.