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Evertale is Final Fantasy Meets Pokémon, and it’s Out Right Now

If you’re a fan of Pokémon or Final Fantasy (or, even better, both) then you should really go and grab Evertale, a brand new JRPG out right now in the App Store.

You’ll explore the beautifully pixelated world of Erden, as you strive to save it from an ancient curse called Pandemonium.

This dooms the world to chaos every century unless a group of Crestbearers – basically Pokémon trainers – save it. That’s where you come in.

Evertale is a Gorgeous Open World JRPG That Features a Single Player Story and Online PvP

Over the course of your adventure, you’ll explore the six different regions of Erden, collecting over 180 different monsters, training them, and evolving them.

You won’t go it alone though. As you explore the world, you’ll meet a variety of other adventurers who will join you on your quest.

Each have their own back stories too, which helps enrich the world of Erden. It’s one that you won’t want to leave by the end of the adventure.

You can play the entire single player storyline offline, so it’s perfect for a long flight or while you’re on some kind of underground train.

However, there is PvP too. You’ll have to be online for that, naturally, but it provides real time battles against other players.

You can form a guild if you like that sort of thing too, and battle your way through a variety of leagues.

You’re probably sold at this point, so we recommend heading on over to the App Store right now to grab Evertale.