Every Goat Simulator Game is Currently On Sale on the App Store

Who hasn’t whiled away an afternoon wishing they could be a goat? And not just any goat, a weird goat propelled by bonkers physics and explosions? Well, right now you can live those dreams thanks to a massive sale on the App Store.

Every Goat Simulator game is currently on sale in a massive end-of-year bargain buster. Goats in space, goats against zombies, all the kinds of goats you can dream of. Well, five kinds. All of the games are designed to be absurd blasts of experiment and nonsense, and they do it really well.

Nothing here is taken seriously, and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud every couple of minutes as something stupid happens. Not a fan of the holidays? Find a quiet corner and cackle your way through them. Click on the names of the games in the list below to download them from the App Store.