Everything you Need to Know About Call of Duty: Mobile Season Four

It isn’t just 80’s action heroes this month in Call of Duty: Mobile. Later this week the fourth season for 2021 is set to drop. It’s wild-west themed, it’s called Spurned and Burned, and we’ve got all the information you need to know right here.

There’s a new map coming to the game – Dome. It first featured in Modern Warfare 3, and, well, it’s set in and around a dome. It’s in the middle of a desert and there are different sections offering different opportunities for carnage.

There are a couple of new modes coming in season 4 as well. There’s Capture the Gold, which is a twist on Capture the Flag and sees downed players dropping power-ups. Then there’s 1v1 Duel, which is a one on one fight to several deaths.

There are new characters, new weapons, new kill streaks and new operator equipment too. Basically everything we’ve come to expect in a new season of Call of Duty: Mobile. Capture the Gold is one of our fave modes here at iFanzine, so we’re definitely happy to have that one back.

You can find out everything that’s happening in the new season by clicking here and reading the blogpost about it over on the Call of Duty: Mobile website. Season four is set to land on May 26th at 5pm Pacific Time.

You can click here to download Call of Duty: Mobile from the App Store right this second. It’s free, and it’s almost certainly one of the best shooters you can get for iPhone and iPad. If you haven’t played it yet, now’s the perfect time.