Everything You Need to Know About Punishing: Gray Raven’s Frozen Darkness Update

Punishing: Gray Raven, the cyberpunk ARPG from Kuro Games has received its first content update in the form of Frozen Darkness. It’s got ice, it’s got new boss battles, and it’s got a brand new character for you to unlock too.

This new chapter will take you to the frozen arctic where you’ll discover all manner of secrets. There are a bunch of events to take on as well, and plenty of different items to discover while you play through them.

There’s also a brand new character – S-Rank Construct Alpha. She’s been an enemy before, but this new chunk of content reveals her true identity. Oooooh, revelations.

You can unlock Alpha by competing in a special event that runs from now until September 1st. You should also keep your eyes open for the new 6 star weapons for Lucia and Kamui.

If all of this sounds like the sort of thing you’re into, you can grab Punishing: Gray Raven from the App Store for free by clicking here.