Everything You Need To Know About Snowbreak: Containment Zone


That buzzing sound you can hear is the internet throbbing with chatter about Snowbreak: Containment Zone, the much-anticipated mobile and PC shooter from Seasun Games. 

Fresh out of closed beta, and showcasing a number of tweaks and improvements, Snowbreak: Containment Zone is now available worldwide. 

Here’s everything you need to know.


Snowbreak: Containment Zone takes place in the year 2057, in a sci-fi world where a single global conglomerate called Yggdrasil Enterprises controls pretty much everything.

Teenagers are falling ill due to a mysterious new ailment called Juvosis. Yggdrasil manufactures the cure. It also hosts hugely popular Valkyrie Games events, where a range of characters compete for glory. 

During the 8th Valkyrie Games, a gigantic Titan shows up out of nowhere and trashes the place, inflicting countless casualties and leaving behind a toxic substance called Titagen. This incident is known as the First Descent. 

Ever poised to help, Yggdrasil Enterprises creates a containment zone around the Titagen, and assembles an army of godlike beings called Manifestations—ordinary humans who gained new powers in the First Descent.

We’re not sure what Yggdrasil is up to, but one thing is abundantly clear: it’s time to kick some ass.


Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a third person shooter with action elements, and is made up of missions and chapters. You work your way through these one by one, stopping occasionally to take on a huge, lumbering Titan in a specially designed boss stage.

You obtain new characters throughout, and, as you’d expect, they come in different rarities, classes, roles, secondary roles, and elemental types, including thermal, electrical, frost, chaos, and kinetic. 

When it comes to levelling up your characters, it’s worth ensuring that you have a decent mix of abilities to cover ranged combat, close quarters, bosses, healing, and so on. There are countless ways to build, arm, and combine characters, so experimentation is key.

Also, looking for a decent tier list online won’t hurt. 


Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a third-person shooter that sees you charging around a series of environments taking out enemies and hoovering up loot until your objectives are fulfilled. 

You can take a team of three characters into each stage, and these come with a variety of different skills and abilities. For instance, Nita wields a shotgun, Naruse Haru wields a pistol, Cherno Kegaard wields a submachine gun, Fritia Ignis wields an assault rifle, and Marian Andreotti wields a sniper rifle. Those are the five weapon types.

These weapons are all good for different things—shotguns are powerful at close range, sniper rifles are effective from a distance, etc—and you can swap between the characters on your team at will to make use of their different capabilities. 

Weapons are modifiable and upgradeable, too, and they come in different rarities. It’s well worth equipping your characters with 5-star Legendary hardware.

In addition to their weapons, characters also have special skills, boosts, buffs, and abilities.

While romping through the early stages won’t present you with too many difficulties, Titans are always a challenge, requiring you to understand not only how to take them down but also which of your characters is best suited to the task, and how to use that character. 

Following the recent global closed beta, Seasun Games also added a refined cover system to Snowbreak: Containment Zone following feedback received from players across the world. This allows your character to snap to objects and shoot around them. 

As an added bonus, you can also deploy skills while in cover—even when those skills belong to a secondary character. 


Titan stages in Snowbreak: Containment Zone are basically boss battles, and they call for a methodical approach. 

You’ll need to identify their weaknesses, establish their attack patterns, explore your environment for the best escape routes and vantage points, and pick the most suitable characters for the task. 

And you don’t necessarily need to do it alone. Snowbreak: Containment Zone also features a co-op Gigalink mode that lets you take on Titans with up to two friends, making up a single team. 


After reaching Chapter 3, Mission 6 you’ll unlock the base, a futuristic residential environment in which your characters all have their own personal bedrooms. 

You can interact with your characters in these bedrooms, giving them gifts and chatting in order to build their trust. 

Plus, entering a bedroom will occasionally trigger a random event, injecting a bit of intrigue into this domestic aspect of Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s gameplay. 

Launch Rewards

If you’re thinking about downloading Snowbreak: Containment Zone, this is the time to do it. 

That’s because there are currently a host of launch rewards on offer. First there are some main story completion benefits to claim at various intervals. They include Recruitment Chits, DigiCash, Weapon Permits, and your choice of Orange Tier Operatives. 

Taking part in 7-day Missions will also let you claim 1,200 DigiCash, an Orange Tier Weapon: Olympus, three Operative Recruitment Chits, three Weapon Permits, 62,000 SilverBucks, and a variety of materials.

The 14-day Login Rewards, meanwhile, include a Purple Tier Operative: Yao, 60 Extraction: Yao, a Yao Work Goal outfit, ten Recruitment Chits, and more.

There are pre-registration milestone rewards on offer, too, including 10,000 SilverBucks, 800 DigiCash, five Recruitment Chits, and Lyfe Interstellar Voyager outfit, and a Special Weapon AirDrop. 

Head to the Google Play Store, the App Store, or the Epic Store to download Snowbreak: Containment Zone for free right now. You can also find the game’s official site here.