‘EvoCreo’ Returns to Kickstarter

1pantalla-12-300x291Our readers might remember a ways back when touched upon Ebrahim Behbahani’s Kickstarter to realize EvoCreo, his Pokémon inspired love-letter, and how it was successfully funded. We now return to you with great news, as Mr. Behbahani’s game – after many months of arduous sweat were poured into it – is virtually ready to launch, and as proof he’s just posted a completely free Beta. Furthermore, the final game has been promised to run not just on Android, iOS, Ouya and PC, but to even have cross-platform saves and multiplayer abilities shared between all of the versions.

While Ebrahim Behbahani has admitted that he could easily ship within a month’s time, EvoCreo doesn’t quite yet have the level of polish and sparkle that he was personally aiming for. To this end he has returned to Kickstarter one last time in order to secure an additional $1,000 – of which over half has already been collected – so that even more artwork and music can be commissioned, and also to ensure all the kinks get ironed out. While the game will get made whether this new fundraiser passes or not, this gives mobile-device owning Pokémon fans everywhere one last chance to say they helped fund EvoCreo before it launches.

Those interested in forever being able to say that they were the earliest fans, at least when EvoCreo one day becomes popular, can currently pre-order the game for just five dollars. The even more generous patrons can – at rather affordable costs, no less – enjoy becoming forever immortalized inside EvoCreo as an NPC that will either try to help or hurt other players. Those interested – however – should make sure that they act fast, as the cut-off date for Ebrahim Behbahani’s additional funds Kickstarter is currently set for a mere eight days away.