Ex Astris launch

3D Sci-Fi RPG Ex Astris Launch Features A Crossover With Arknights

Gryphline has finally dropped their new game Ex Astris.  It’s a mix of real-time and turn-based 3D action RPG. It has dropped for both iOS and Android and is up for grabs at $9.99. In the game, you get to check out the universe of Allindo and play as a detective in space. Keep reading to know more about the Ex Astris launch!

When the Land Meets the Stars

The Ex Astris launch comes with a bunch of events and special updates. When the Land Meets the Stars is an ongoing event that’ll run until March 12. It’s basically a crossover with the game Arknights. In this event, you can scoop up some neat skins and other stuff for your game.

To take part in the event, just swing by the official event website and lock in your spot. You can tie the special Loose Uniform and Light Uniform directly to your Gryphline account. If you play Arknights, you can also grab some cute furniture pieces, the Doll of Polar Day and Doll of Pitchest Black. Claim them, and you’ll find them in your Arknights mailbox!

Will You Play Ex Astris?

Let’s talk about the game a bit. Allindo is a place whose one-half is in constant daylight and the other in never-ending darkness. That’s because of how it hangs out with its star. It’s a detective story where you tag along with Yan and Vi³ to dig deep into some old civilization’s past. You also need to figure out what’s the deal with the creatures known as Astramorphs that live there.

You get to play with team setups of three characters, all different in what they can do. If all this sounds exciting, go ahead and check the game out on the App Store. So, that wraps up our story on the Ex Astris launch!

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