Exos Heroes Enters Season 4, Fallen Sky, with New Characters, Storylines, Events, and More

Exos Heroes, the popular gacha-RPG from LINE Games and Oozoo, is entering its fourth season. It’s called Fallen Sky, and it adds a ton of new content to the game, including Heroes, events, story content, a character class, and a whole new region.

In terms of storyline, Fallen Sky sees protagonist Zeon finally being reunited with Bitru thanks to a trio of mysterious strangers. 

It turns out these strangers are from Phedas, the merchants’ country, and they’ve been banished from their home city of Pentaus. Being a heroic sort who likes to return favors, Zeon resolves to help the trio ascend through the dark clouds and return to Phedas. 

That means you’ll get to go there too. Phedas is a whole new region in Exos Heroes, located in the Northeast sky and only accessible via airship. Once you arrive on its shores you’ll meet a host of new characters and quests. 

Fallen Sky also introduces three new Heroes to the game, all of them members of the sinister and secretive Shadow Bane group. 

Faceless Shadow Melissa is the leader of the group, which means she’s the one responsible for the organisation’s policy of stealing the lives of ordinary citizens to maintain the continent’s balance of power. 

She’s joined by Reaper of Blue Flames Garlond, a former G1 Class Agent of Shadow Bane known for his wide array of unique skills. Garlond is a noted problem-solver, and totally onboard with the stuff about stealing lives. 

Finally, there’s Moon Shadow Mask Luna, a member of Shadow Bane who plays by her own rules. She’s a maverick. A loose cannon. A wildcard. Watch out. 

Fallen Sky also introduces a whole new Hero Class, called Mythic, as well as the game’s first Mythic Hero. 

Mythic Class Heroes are specialists, designed to take on particular aspects of content such as Zebenstunier (PvP). They grow differently from other Hero types, and you can only use one per team. 

The first Mythic Hero on the scene is Frozen Queen Misty, a formidable character who was not only one of the seven knights who helped the Dragon Emperor, but who also used to be the leader of the entire Baikal Empire. 

Alongside all this new content are a number of tweaks, improvements, and fixes. There are too many to write up, but we’ll tell you about the changes to the Infinity Core system. 

This PvE feature lets you enter dungeons to earn points and compete against other players on the weekly leaderboards. You can even play automatically, via the Sequential Battle Function. 

Exos Heroes has introduced a new currency as a prize: Infinite Crystal. This lets you buy a whole range of goods at Heowon’s Old Store, including the brand new Red Fatecore. 

As you can tell, Exos Heroes has undergone some radical changes. To celebrate the arrival of season four, LINE Games is holding a number of concurrent events, some of which are already well underway. 

They include three Season 4 Eve events. First, there’s a Celebration Bonus, which gives you a whole goodybag of Gold, Nation Recruit Tickets, Dye Coupons, and Xes just for logging in once between the 10th of June and the 28th of July. 

Then there’s the New/Returning User Attendance Book, which lets you earn a Special Fated Hero Selection Ticket at day seven, and a Special Bingo Event in which you have to clear missions to tick numbers off a bingo board. 

Then, starting on the 24th of June and lasting through until the 28th of July, there’s the Season 4 Update Celebration Login Bonus Event, which gives you a gold Fatecore Selection Ticket for logging in, and the Season 4 Update Celebration 15 Days of Gifts Event, which gives you a Black Fatecore Selection Ticket at day seven and a Transcend Exclusive Hero “Lesh Eye” at day 15.

That’s a lot of free stuff. To claim it, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download Exos Heroes for free right now.