Exos Heroes Racks Up 5 Million Downloads in 50 Days, Summer Festa Event Kicks Off

While Exos Heroes has been out in Korea since the end of last year, it only hit the global app stores at the end of May 2020. Since then, the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Publisher LINE Games is clearly in the mood to celebrate, as it’s just announced a bonanza of giveaways. 

First up, the publisher is giving each player who logs in on July 24-26 11 free Recruits per day. Plus, the Summer Festa even is underway, giving players the opportunity to bag all sorts of goodies between now and September. 

These include a 5-star Bernadette, claimable from now till the end of the event, and daily rewards of gold, Levistones, and so on for logging in throughout the next seven days, ending on July the 22nd.

Seven new Fatecores will be added, too, and if you take a screenshot of yourself with a summer Fatecore and share it on the Exos Heroes Facebook page you’ll be in line for yet more goodies (you have until the 27th of August to do this).

Just in case you missed it, Exos Heroes is a free-to-play gacha RPG with astonishing production values. 

It sees you playing as Zeon, an intrepid treasure hunter in search of the emperor’s stolen sword. Within the first hour of the epic story campaign you’ll get into a scrape with a local warlord, raise a legendary airship from the dead, recruit a captain to pilot it, and get into several turn-based battles.

Combat is one of Exos Heroes’s many high points. While the usual ingredients such as classes and skills are in play, developer Oozoo has given everything an added sprinkling of innovation. 

The “break” system, for instance, brings in your heroes’ elemental affinities to leave your enemies exposed, while a mana system replaces the usual cooldown timers for skills. 

Outside combat, you’ll spend your time exploring the huge open world, meeting new characters, and summoning Heroes into your army.

You can download Exos Heroes for free right now on Google Play and the App Store