Explore Stunning 3D Worlds in ‘Give It Up! 3’

Yoozoo Games and Invictus Gaming have teamed up again to present Give It Up! 3, the latest action adventure title featuring everyone’s favorite amorphous hero, Blob. Players will explore delightful new 3D worlds, compete against friends in multiplayer, and so much for in Blob’s third outing.

Give It Up! 3 returns with a fresh 3D look and five expansive worlds for players to explore. Players will guide Blob through a number of diverse environments, including jungles and even a car chassis. There are many puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover in each world, but once you complete everything the single player campaign has to throw at you, be sure not to miss the game’s new PVP modes. 8 players will fight it out in League mode, while you can go one on one in Arena mode, where the player with the most completion points wins the match.

Give It Up! 3 gives players the power to make the game their own, too, with a wide range of customization options. Choose from a variety of different styles for your Blob before equipping him with special props that include shiny new weapons like Wolverine claws. Yoozoo’s also throwing 12 exclusive skins featuring the Chinese Zodiac into the mix.

You can find Give It Up! 3 right now from the App Store.

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