‘Eyes – the horror game’ Review: Don’t Look Now

Horror games have a tough job of scaring their audience on iOS devices. The small screens make it easy to tuck away whenever you encounter the paranormal, but for some reason, Eyes – the horror game (out now, $0.99) keeps you playing till the very end. It’s an adaption of the increasingly famous indie PC game where you must play the role of a burglar. The aim is to collect moneybags scattered around an abandoned house without getting caught by the ghost of the former Lady of the House.

eyes-008It may sound like the better-known Slenderman horror game, and for good reason. It’s very similar in terms of the objective (instead of reading notes, you collect money) and the stance of the ghost, but there are a few elements that make Eyes much more horrific. For instance, the ghost doesn’t just stand there and wait for you to acknowledge its presence. It outright chases you until your brains leak of terror.

You don’t have any weapons to help you. All you have is a map that shows you the layout of the house and several ‘eye’ paintings on the walls. These symbols give you the point of view of the ghost for a few seconds, helping you figure out the whereabouts of it in the house. It’s not always helpful because sometimes the ghost could be in the same room as you and – cut to black – you’re dead. (I’m getting goosebumps just writing about it — probably not the best thing to do at 1AM by yourself).

Eyes-the-horror-game-Ad-Free-for-Android_2There are little features that make Eyes easily the most frightening game I’ve played on my iPad. The moneybags are places around the house in strategically terrifying locations, such as in cupboards or locked safes. The fact that some areas can only be accessed via a key means the house is limited and makes the ghost feel closer to you. The lightening outside occasionally lightens up the dim environment, completing your typical haunted house adventure scenario.

The only complaint I have about Eyes is its limited gameplay. Once you have collected all the moneybags on one difficulty level, all that you can do is replay the game on another level.


Fans of horror games have been waiting a long time to get their hairs stood up by an iOS game. I can’t recommend this game enough. The scares you get from its little features like lightening and hidden moneybags make it easily the most frightening game I’ve played on the platform. Sure, it can be limited and after three goes you might delete it, but you won’t find a more heart-racing experience for a dollar elsewhere on the App Store.