Facebook Gaming app now on the App Store, but Without Games

Last week we reported on Microsoft deciding not to pursue Project xCloud on iOS. It was mainly down to the rules on the App Store around ratifying games. And now another launch, from Facebook nonetheless, has fallen foul of the same regulations.

The Facebook Gaming app landed on the App Store over the weekend, but it comes without any games. Instead you can use it to watch live streams of other people playing.

The Android version of the app, on the other hand, is chock-full of a whole bunch of games you can play on the go. Facebook has been trying to get the app through Apple’s application process for months, but has finally decided to launch without one of the main components instead.

Facing an Empty Book

This is another blow for iOS gamers, although probably not as hefty a smack as not getting Project xCloud. Still, it’s a shame to see experiences being stifled because of Apple’s attempts to protect its customers.

When you look at some of the games that have made it through the vetting process, it looks like an even stupider move. There’s some real dross on the App Store, and it’s hard to see why Apple isn’t also trying to protect players from that.

What do you think? Is this another huge mistake from Apple? Will you still be downloading the Facebook Gaming app from the App Store? Let us know in the comments section below.