Factions are Super Important if you Want to be Victorious in Athenion: Tactical CCG

The very best CCGs require you to learn a lot, and Athenion: Tactical CCG is no different. It’s a super smart game with a focus on positioning, knowing your cards and out-witting your opponent. But to do that you’re going to have to learn about the factions available in the game.

Factions like the Flame Legion. These powerful fighters use a skill called Berserk that lets them deliver huge damage. It only triggers after they’ve taken a hit, but you can use other units in the deck to give them a poke and get their blood boiling.

Or maybe you’d prefer to take a more rogue-ish approach to the action? In which case you should be looking at the Cyclone Fury faction. They can use the powerful Backstab skill, as well as utilising their ability to move around the board. Oh, and they’ve got even more powers that trigger when you’ve played enough cards.

If you’d rather take a walk on the wild side, then the Planet Guardians could be for you. They call on their nature powers to create Locks on the board. These block your opponent and certain Planet Guardian units can smash them to get even more powerful.

The Shadow Realm faction is all about tapping into your darkness. A lot of their cards have Dark Powers that you can trigger by using the Dark Matter orbs that other units can place on the board. Then you have cards that spawn new versions of themselves when they die, which is pretty awesome.

Tidal Nether decks are all about two things – Link and Freeze. The Link power lets you attach units together to give them even more power. The Freeze skill? Well that lets you surround your enemies in ice.

Players who pick the Divine Grace faction need to focus on their Aura skill. This allows you to buff and heal your cards, turning them into powerful tanks that stick around for a lot longer than they should.

Picking the right faction to suit the way you play is really important and adds another strata of depth to what’s already a pretty damn deep experience. You can discover that experience for yourself by downloading Athenion: Tactical CCG from the App Store or Google Play Store right now.