Tabletop Card Game/Digital RPG ‘Fall Schematic’ Smashes Its Kickstarter Target in a Matter of Days


In the far distant future human life as we know it no longer exists, for humanity itself engineered an evolutionary advancement where everyone’s mind was digitized and moved to a virtual realm. Supporting this digital landscape of dreams and possibilities were many giant computational super structures known as the networks, all of which were connected to each other and freely permitted transit back and forth. Or at least that’s how things used to be until an ill-understood malevolent force — known only as the Glitch — one day appeared, and is now waging a war upon both the physical and digital realms.

Upon the digital realms the Glitch corrupts the very nature of reality, creating dangerous warped regions — filled with malevolent subroutines — that are known as Glitch Dungeons. Meanwhile, in the real world — which is now a mostly desolate wasteland, primarily populated by rudimentary plants and insects — the Glitch has seized control of ancient technology in a gambit to attack the networks’ physical structures. The people of the digital realms — thanks to these clandestine assaults — have been cut off from each other, forced to communicate by sending messages via real world constructs known as Frames.

9cdc3fea7ffad7d24b279a379b697af1_largeIn Fall Schematic — by the people over at Drawn By Clouds — players will desperately try to protect the Autumn Network from the Glitch, all while attempting to restore connection with the other networks via their mechanical Frames. Drawn By Clouds’ plans for their project include a multimedia presentation with the internal struggle played out as a mobile MMO, and the external battle via a collectible card game. While they have said that both facets of the Fall Schematic gaming universe will be enjoyable purely on their own, combining the two will give players a far richer understanding of the world.

In either game players will first have to align themselves with one of four factions: the fiercely independent Monarchy of Boom, the information cataloguing Celestial Shogunate, the back-to-nature minded Hana Mori, and the perfection seeking SubNet 88. In the digital realm players will assemble an army of subroutines — as well as their own personal wardrobe — with which they will wield in battle to clean up Glitch Dungeons wherever they appear, and sometimes also deal with frustrations caused by rival factions. Whereas in the real world card game — which can be played simultaneously by one-to-four players — each faction, whom all have their own unique cards, must work in tandem to clean up the infected relics in an area before the Glitch destroys all of their frames.

The Mobile MMO — in particular — will feature a wholly unique monetization scheme that has never before been seen in a Freemium game, with players allowed to pay whatever they want for services. Taking a page from the highly successful Humble Bundle website, new items will constantly be added to Fall Schematic — but only for a limited time — during which players can pay whatever they want for them. However — to ensure that they actually make money — only those whom pay over the current average will receive the package’s extra-special items, as opposed to only obtaining the base-level offering.

9cdc3fea7ffad7d24b279a379b697af1_largeIn order to fund their dreams — as people need to keep eating while a game is being made — the people over at Drawn By Clouds began a Kickstarter seeking $22,500 in funds, an amount that has already been squashed only a few days in. With a staggering 34 days still remaining, the development team has already turned their eyes towards stretch goals that will seek to give all of their backers even more bang for their buck. If milestones are hit then those getting the MMO will begin with even more starting cash and perks, while those receiving the card game will have extra random cards added to their starter decks.

Keeping in line with the MMO’s pay-what-you-want philosophy, you can back Fall Schematic right now — and even receive a copy of the game — for a pledge of one measly dollar. However, those whom over-pledge on this minimum requirement will furthermore receive Sunlight — the in-game currency — equivalent to how much they overpaid (at an exchange rate more generous than what the cost will be when the project launches). Meanwhile, the especially magnanimous backers of Fall Schematic will be able to receive starter decks of the physical card game — miniatures of important figures from the overarching world — and extra special Kickstarter exclusive gear for the mobile MMO.

In conclusion, those planning to help protect the Autumn Network from the Glitch’s forces should remember to post their pledge — at whatever amount they wish — before the corruption shuts down the Kickstarter on April 23rd.