Falling Fred Review

Coffin Dodger Extraordinaire

We gave Dedalord’s eagerly awaited and excessively gory second game, Falling Fred, a hands-on whirl and write-up last week, so I’ll do my best to keep this full review as short and sweet unpleasant as possible. Suffice it to say, this censor-baitingly violent and rib-ticklingly funny title will undoubtedly appeal to fans of tongue-in-cheek splatter cinema or Adult Swim style crude comedy.

In Falling Fred, the player has one job and one job only – to avoid hospitalizing luckless Fred for as long as possible as he drops at a high speed down an endless shaft strewn with all manner of deadly obstacles. Super-responsive tilt controls take care of maneuvering your way through an array of protruding pipes, spinning blades and spurting blasts of hot steam, while Dedalord imbue the onscreen savagery with a level of realism that belies the game’s cartoonish presentation.

From our preview: “An exhilarating of sensation of speed and vertigo accompanies the accelerometer powered action, (and) weaving around trying to grab collectables in order to replenish lost health during your descent adds an extra challenge. Not that you’ll have much of a chance to soak it in given the game’s frenetic pace, but Falling Fred is no slouch in the eye-candy department either.”

“The average play-through sees Fred fracturing his skull, losing limbs and, if you’re really (un)lucky, being beheaded, all whilst bucket after bucket of blood is artfully sprayed all over your iDevice’s screen.”

The ultra-graphic content is bound to be the main talking point of this game, but it’s the thrilling and intense arcade action that will keep you coming back for more. On a less positive note, given that there’s only one level to play through, Falling Fred does eventually get a bit repetitive. However, not to worry, because Dedalord have promised the game will be regularly updated with new characters, challenges and ever more madcap obstacles. Well worth a download.

iFanzine Verdict: A two-fingered salute to good taste, Falling Fred splices together OTT cartoon violence, depraved humor and an intuitive tilt mechanic with monstrously addictive results. Grislygratuitous and pretty bloody good!

[xrr rating=4/5]