Fantasian, Mistwalker’s Diorama Adventure RPG, is Out Now on Apple Arcade

A few weeks ago we revealed the first story trailer for Mistwalker’s Fantasian. If that got you pumped up, you’re probably even more pumped up right now, because you can grad the game from Apple Arcade right this second.

Made by a team of veterans from some of the most famous JRPGs, and presented as a series of hand-built dioramas, Fantasian is an RPG that blends together the old, the new and the somewhere in-between to make something fantastic.

The story revolves a world filled with machines, some multi-dimensional shenanigans and the inevitable battle between chaos and order. Can you have a JRPG that doesn’t feature the battle between chaos and order? We’re not sure.

On top of all that there’s some really smart battle mechanics that let you stack up scraps, a gorgeous soundtrack and a super shiny level of polish. This is a massive, engaging RPG that’s going to suck up hours and hours of your life.

You can grab Fantasian by clicking right here. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play it, but you’ve already got one of those, right? It’d be pretty lame if you didn’t, is all we’re saying.