Bargain Alert: KEMCO Slash 90% Off Fantasy Chronicle’s Price!

KEMCO have earned a solid reputation among iOS gamers with a slew of increasingly accomplished JRPGs (Alphadia, Grinsia, Symphony of Eternity et al). One of their better entries into the popular sub-genre, Fantasy Chronicle, just received a pretty radical price drop from its usual $6.99 to a very attractive $0.99! No word on how long this discount will be in effect for, so JPRG fans are advised to snap the game up sharpish.

We reviewed Fantasy Chronicle on its original release, awarding the game a fantastic 4 out of 5 stars, praising its outstanding visual style, and saying: “Fantasy Chronicle has one of the most interesting combat systems among JRPGs on iOS, and this alone makes it worth a go for the savvy genre fan who’s on the lookout for something new.”