Poster for Fantasy Tales featuring three characters against a backdrop of the game's picturesque realm

Upcoming MMORPG Fantasy Tales Is Now Open for Pre-Registration

Ling Ren Game Limited has started pre-registration for Fantasy Tales, an upcoming open-world MMORPG by the studio. Milestone rewards are up for grabs though they are dependent on the number of sign-ups. If you are vying for these rewards, expect to receive a bounty of 9,999 Crystals and an exclusive White Tiger mount.

Protect the Realm in Fantasy Tales: Sword and Magic

In Fantasy Tales, you dive into a vibrant action adventure across an open world that looks and feels like anime. As you discover new locations, unlock powerful skills, and venture into unknown lands, you can also team up with your friends online to forge alliances and defeat monstrous beasts around the realm.

The game features beautiful ornamentations that you can collect to customize your appearance as well. Plus, during your downtime, you can indulge in some leisurely activities like fishing, ranching, or farming to sit back and relax after a tough day of battling.

In the game, you can even seize pets to accompany you on your journey. These creatures are called Sprites. Of course, there are different character classes to choose from – each with its unique attributes that suit different playstyles.

Pre-Register Now!

If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, give Fantasy Tales a try! You can do so by pre-registering for it here on the App Store and Play Store. The game is expected to launch on January 18 for both iOS and Android users.

Fantasy Tales is free to play but allows in-app purchases. You can visit its official website to stay updated on all the latest developments or join its community of followers on Facebook for more information on the game.

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