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Buckle Up As Farlight 84 V2.0 Update Drops On January 25th!

Farlight 84, the battle royale game which made its global debut in April 2023, is gearing up for a major update. Farlight 84 v2.0 is dropping on January 25, 2024. So, what’s new and what’s changing with v2.0? Keep reading to know more!

Farlight 84 V2.0 Is Almost Here!

The highlight of the update is the brand-new map, Sunder Realm. It’s promising a fresh experience with zip lines for moving around, tactical boxes for supplies and cover and Rift terrain that slowly drops with an HP penalty. There will also be events like sponsor boxes and airdrop rain.

A new hero, Watchman, is joining the roster. He’s a versatile character and is set to bring reconnaissance and offensive abilities to the table. He can also deploy a mechanized Sheriff dog, command a Sentinel drone for scouting and unleash a powerful Bite Mode for some serious combat skills.

Farlight 84 v2.0 is also giving heroes a makeover. Maggie’s got a new look and some added skills like Jet Sweep and Jet Leap. Duckside brings rolling impact and Full Speed Charge skills for speedy team movements. Finally, B is getting explosive abilities like Spark of Love, Dazzling Mirage and Frenzy Bomb.

Battle Passes And More!

The Marad Nova Phase 11 Battle Pass is also dropping with the Farlight 84 v2.0 update. It’s loaded with SSR hero skins and weapon skins. They’re also throwing a bash called New Journey to celebrate the Sunder Realm map launch.

The lottery wheel is spinning out some fancy skins, including the Mythic capsular skin for Maggie. And speaking of Mythic, there’s a new tier in ranked matches for the top 300 Legends players. The rank system is also getting a facelift, extending seasons to three months and introducing a Mythic. If it sounds interesting, grab the game from the App Store and give it a try!

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